Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Predictions for the New Year

Added 1/2/2007
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Added 1/22/2007

1.) The Broncos will get into the Playoffs and make a serious run. They will come up short against Baltimore in the AFC Championship. Baltimore will beat the Eagles like a drum. WTH? The Broncos didn't show up. Shanahan was out-coached in a game that was meaningless to the 49ers. There is always next year, right? Denver needs a dominant pass-rusher from the defensive tackle position. Denver should get a decent pick in the draft and they should have a more favorable schedule. Colts and Bears? I didn't think the Colts would get it done. Especially after that miserable performance against the Chefs. It was nice to see the Patriots tank in the 2nd half.

2.) AI and Carmelo will get along splendidly. The Nuggets in 5 against somebody...

3.) The Democrats will be mired in scandal. Someone is going to put 2 + 2 together and begin investigating "who knew what and when" in regards to Foley and the Interns. Throw in Obama and his developing Intern mess. The Democrats are already excluding the Republicans from the first 100 hours. Didn't they say that they were going to be less partisan? Watch your pocketbooks. The Dems are back in power. The Democrats promised, during the campaign, that they were going to have a 5-day work week. Um...They changed their minds. They are sticking to a 4-day work week. The extra day off gives them more time for thinking of ways to raise our taxes. I worked about 50 hours last week. If I were using the Democrat method of counting hours, I would have only put in about 16 hours. The Dems promised 6(?) bills in the first 100 hours. They are claiming that they passed the bills in the first 46 hours. The problem is that they had actually been in session for over 100 hours (not counting the day they took off to watch the college football games). Their reasoning is both funny and sad. They said that they were only counting the time that they were passing the legislation in question. Say what you say and mean what you say. We shouldn't have to parse everything you say and understand every little nuance.

4.) Iraq turns a huge corner. The doom and gloom MSM wants to focus on our losses. If estimates are correct, the bad guys have lost 20 - 30 times the numbers we have. At some point, the tide turns in a big way. It will be undeniable. I'll even say that in the 2008 elections, Iraq will not be an issue. Everyone is talking about a "surge." We send more troops and make one big, final surge and push the bad guys out. They should have been thinking about this a few years ago. Anyway, the Dems are talking about not giving the President more money for Iraq. Notice that they are not saying that they will cut spending in Iraq...Just not more money. Either way, I hope the "surge" works. Iraq will turn a corner this year.

5.) Vista will bomb. There are those who will buy because it is new. There are those who will get it because they bought a new computer. Gone are the days when people lined up outside of Best Buy to get the first copy. We won't know until January 30th. Companies that have enterprise licensing were given an advance copy. We have it. Have not done much with it. The tech staff treats it as a novelty. Get used to saying, "Ubuntu." I have it installed on two of my computers. I showed it to friends and now 2 of them have it. One even got rid of Windows completely. There is nothing in Vista that isn't already in another OS.

6.) The NFL will stream their games to the Americas. I'm not going to pay $300 dollars for it though. I just want A-la-cart. The other option for the NFL Network will be to lower their price so it gets carried on every cable provider on the planet. Streaming is still better because I hate cable.

7.) Jay Cutler and Vince Young duel it out in the AFC Championship next season.

8.) Download any TV program you want. For FREE. All of the networks wake up to torrent.

9.) CBS News dumps Katie for some big-name conservative. The ratings go through the roof. Katie rescues their terrible morning show.

10.) WiFi. Somebody is going to do it for cheap. Maybe Google does it for free. Wouldn't be great to be able to stream video in the car? Google should get into the gig. How cool would it be to have Google maps give you directions, plot traffic jams, get you to Starbucks, and let you talk on the VOIP? Let me add...I just got a new phone with the Broadband network and the TV capabilities. Wireless companies would be better served to give away those features or to make them a lot cheaper. WiFi is still better. Google is building a big server farm in North Carolina. I wonder what they are going to use it for? Maybe WiFi? There is also that powerline Internet stuff they purachased a while back.