Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Reason #287: Why the NFL Sucks

Can't listen to a game over the Internet...unless you pay the NFL. I don't have cable. I don't have Sunday Ticket. I don't have any way of watching the Denver Broncos unless they are on one the local affiliates. Last night, the Broncos played the 49ers on ESPN. Fair enough. I mosey on over to 850 KOA the official radio home of the Denver Broncos. Instead of hearing Dave Logan and David Diaz Infante, I get some dude telling me that the game cannot be simulcast over the Internet because of some "contractual" obligations. I guess that the NFL doesn't have enough money. They want to dig even deeper into the pockets of the loyal fans.

I really appreciated the link at the bottom of the page that took me to the NFL radio page. I was told that I could get a great deal if I signed up in the pre-season. Only $29.95! If I wait, I'd have to pay like $40 bucks or something per month. What a deal. What has been free for the last billion years is now $29.95. Does that make any sense? KOA was nice enough to tell me that I could listen to the game on the radio instead of the Internet. I'm 1880 miles away. Maybe on a clear night at 3 in the morning...yeah right.

Dear Mr. NFL. You will not get a single cent out of me. I'll find a way to watch or listen to the Broncos.