Sunday, January 21, 2007


Did you see the end of the game? Did you see Manning moving through the crowd to get a handshake from Mr. Classless? Bill totally dismissed him. Maybe the Chargers were right. Maybe the Patriots are lacking in class. They sure showed it tonight.

I think that the Patriots have moved from being a team that is confident in themselves to being full of themselves. It was fun for a while to watch them break Manning's heart. At times tonight, it just seemed cruel and excessive. The Patriots expected that they were going to win the game. They kind of looked like they thought they deserved to win the game. Like it was their right. All things come to an end.

Blowing an 18 point lead was priceless. Mr. Classless could use a little humility. Thankfully, he got a big helping of it tonight.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Poor Marty!

So, does Marty lose his job over this one? Probably. Does he deserve to lose his job? No. All of the talk this morning surrounds his 5-13 record in the Playoffs. He's too uptight, he out coaches himself, etc. I think a big part of the problem is the fact the he is a great motivator. During the regular season, he is able to motivate his teams to play at a little higher level. They win all of the games that they are supposed to win and sneak by with a couple that they shouldn't have won. The Denver and Cinci games come to mind. Both teams decided to have a meltdown when playing the Chargers. Once you get to the Playoffs, motivation alone won't win any games. Every team has stepped up their game. San Diego looked average because they are average.

They'll fire Marty and either promote Cam Cameron or they'll find some other "hot" prospect. The first place schedule and the coaching change will leave San Diego at 7-9 next year.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Here is the Problem With Football Polls...

Polls are opinion. In everyone's opinion this year, Ohio State was the best football team in the nation. Well, everyone was wrong. Not wrong in the sense that Ohio State lost to a Florida team on botched field goal or a fumble. Wrong in the sense that Ohio State should not have been playing in the title game. Ohio State should have been the team left out of the BCS championship. They should have been in the Rose Bowl playing against USC. A rematch between Florida and LSU would have been a better game. Boise State and Florida would have been interesting too.

Terry Bowden said that Ohio State lacked emotion. Emotion accounts for the personal fouls that Ohio State had early in the game. Ohio State was supposed to be better than Florida at every position. Last night's win wasn't David vs. Goliath. It exposed how fraudulent the BCS is. If there were a 4 game playoff, Ohio State would have been out the first round. FOX has the BCS through 2010. There is nothing in their contract that prohibits the BCS from changing to a plus 1 for a 4 team playoff. FOX has paid billions for this, they should demand changes.