Thursday, September 15, 2011

Denver Broncos You Stink

The Broncos game on Monday night was a joke. A practical joke on the loyal fans who actually believed that Denver was going to be better this year. Maybe only a .500 team, but a competitive team. The one area they needed to fix was defense. Last year, Denver's defense couldn't stop anyone on 3rd downs. It appears to be the same story again this year. With a 3rd and 13 late in the first half, Denver needed a stop. On a give up draw play, the Raiders ran for 15 yards and set themselves up for a score.

When trailing by just 3 points late in the game. Denver had two chances to stop the Raiders and get the ball back with enough time to make a play and tie things up. Instead. Denver gave up 2 runs of 10 or more yards that sealed their fate.

The offense managed a paltry 13 points. They Raiders fumbled away a punt on their first possession and Denver couldn't do anything from their 15. They had to settle for a field goal. The rest of the first half Denver seemed out of sync, had several dropped balls, and no running game.

Orton. I've said this before and I'll say it again. Orton will not win you many games. He is probably one of the best QBs between the 20s, but cannot do much in the red zone. He is not any good when he has to make a play. Late in the first half, he threw a pick which resulted in the Raiders kicking a record tying 63 yard field goal. When Denver was down by 3, Orton fumbled away any chances Denver had of coming back. At that point in the game, Denver was moving the ball, and the Raiders were losing their composure. Had Denver scored at that point, they might have had just enough to win that game. Instead, the Raiders scored a touchdown and Denver was out.

Orton will not cost you any games, he just won't win you any games. He will do just enough, but there are times when you need to have your QB take the team and will them to victory. Orton does not have that quality.

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