Thursday, September 15, 2011

WebOS is NOT Dead

A few weeks back when HP announced that it was dumping the Touchpad and other WebOS devices, I said that WebOS was dead. So what has happened in between? HP got some smarts and decided to sell the Touchpad at a loss. Demand has been so overwhelming that HP is going to do one last run of the Touchpad to meet the demand. I've run into folks who had never heard of WebOS that now own a Touchpad. Sales of apps are about 5 times greater than they were just a month ago. So where does that leave WebOS?

HP wants to dump hardware. Margins are thin and they don't generate enough revenue. They are not dumping WebOS. Samsung and HTC are still hinting at using WebOS to compete against Google and Apple. WebOS apps are still being developed. There is a big community out there.

Not only did I get a Touchpad, but I have also upgraded my Palm Pre to a Palm Pre 2. I love WebOS.

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